Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another Glorious Cottage Weekend.

Not the best weather, but the best feeling... being out of the city i mean, early on a Friday afternoon. In this case, on my own with a head start on the bunkie work. After several hours of caulking the bunkie and shed, they are finally ready to take stain. Had a beautiful night, some light rain but a nice sunset in the end and full sky of stars. Several beers later i experimented with shutter speeds and the timer on my camera. Alex and Hailey hit the road at the crack of seven Saturday morning and made it up mid-morning. While Toronto was drowned in rain, we had a gorgeous day and managed to get the shed completely stained before the weather turned. We headed to Kinmount to the theatre there. It is an old converted house with several movie theatres and dozens of old movie projectors and movie props- its pretty cool. We saw G-Force. Hailey liked it, well maybe it was the popcorn and junk food. We managed the get the bunkie stained on Sunday before the heavy rain came and chased us home. Hailey and I managed to get some good swimming in late morning. She is loving the lake. We are on vacation at the cottage for the next week and i wanted to get a post up before leaving. I am hoping to get a bunch of pics up after our vacation. Anybody that knows me, knows that i will probably shoot a few hundreds pics on our vacation. There is a Smash Up Derby at the Town Fair by the cottage this weekend and Hailey was really bummed that she missed it last year. We have been talking about it all week. She is pumped.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Halloween at Daycare.

It is Halloween today at Leroux. Hailey was very excited last night and we got out all of her costumes. Her first choice was a ladybug, but we talked her out of that heavy fall costume in favour of a light summer costume. This morning over breakfast she was deciding whether she is Pocahontas or Tinker Bell. Her teachers thought she looked like a butterfly. Either way is cute. There is a parade later.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Catch up!

Hi all, it has been busy since the last post. We have been to Washington to visit Robyn, James and brand new baby Lauren. We have been up to the cottage to open it up and clean up to gear up for cottage season. Some nice weekends with cousin Andrew and a visit with the Pettigrews who we havent seen in too too long. We hope all is well with everyone. Love ya.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I look like Auntie Robyn.

Hi Everyone, i look like Auntie Robyn today. My daddy says she has an alien in her belly. My mommy says its a blessing. I think its a baby. She must have ate one. I cant wait to meet my cousin. I think its a girl like Avery.
Love Hailey. xoxoxo.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Gotcha Day Party!

We had our 2nd anniversary Gotcha Day party on Saturday. For those of you that don't follow regularly, this is the anniversary of the day we "got" Hailey or she "got" us. This is kinda like the equivalent of a birthday for a bunch of kids that dont really know their actual birthday. And, what is a birthday really except the start of your relationship with your family. It just so happens that this special group of kids share the same birthday and mostly come from the same part of the world, a world away. Enough of that though. We had a great time as usual (after we drove to St. Catherines by accident, ooops). Special thanks to the Carmody's for hosting and cleaning up afterwards for the second year running (but they didnt get to see lovely Grimsby- wherever that is?). And, thanks to all of our group for making this event a priority in your busy lives and putting our little ones first. Most of the kids were there. We sure missed seeing Zoe, Olivia, Justin, Jaiden, Sarah and Katie. We celebrated Maya's birthday with singing and a cake. There were crafts, snacks, lots of bouncy balls, and plenty of fun to be had. At the last minute i thought to pack the bouncy castle and the kids really enjoyed the bouncing. We really had a great time and was so nice to catch up with everyone. Boy have the kids grown! See you all soon!
Love Jason, Alex and Hailey. xo.